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We are dedicated to the Preservation of Representational Art and Fine Art Education

All paintings/drawings/sculptures are all Originals and Completely Hand Painted (not photoshopped)

Portraits of People and Pets- in most Media. A certificate of authenticy will be provided by Artist.

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'Teacher of the Year' and 'Artist of the Month'



Published by the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc.

We are celebrating the start of our 7th Year in Art Business

as an educational fine art organization established October 2007.


Teacher of the Year 2013-2014 - Douglas Flynt (BELOW)

Teacher of the Year 2012-2013 - Ted de Clercq

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Artist of the Month -March 2014 - Shelly Salter

Artist of the Month -February 2014 -Robert Pavon

Artist of the Month -January 2014 -Wanda Carter

Artist of the Month -December 2013 -Dorothy Salcedo

Artist of the Month -November 2013 - Justin Dancing Hawk

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Announcing Portrait and Figure and Still Life

Fine Art Teacher for the Year 2013-2014

                                   Sand and Shells

                       Two Planes small                             



The Scholar                                       Jenene

Douglas Flynt

                                 Douglas Flynt

 *Prof essional Fine Artist and Art 

   Instructor Specializes

          in Representational Oil Painting

          (Still-life and Figurative)

           Offers Commissions,

 *Private Mentoring, and Workshops

 *Takes Commissions and sells his art

  *Expert in Technical Assistance

 *Home: Florida , Lee County


 *BFA in Fine Art (Florida State University)

 *BA in History and Criticism of Art

           (Florida State University)

 *MFA in Painting (NY Academy of Art)

 *Apprenticeship with Edward Jonas,   

            Portrait Society of America

 *Atelier Study at Water Street Atelier

       with Jacob Collins and Michael


Note: Doug's Still Life CD'sare now available on his website.

Artist of the Month - March 2014 - Shelly Salter

Title, Medium



JW Liles

Drawing of JW Liles

at JW Liles Historical Museum

General Robert E Lee

Demeter, Goddess of Wheat, Oil

Artist Shelly Salter stands beside her work in progress, 'Medusa,' at the Art Walk at The Promenade in Bonita Springs, Thursday, July 28, put on by the Center for the Arts.

Shelly, drawing of Medusa

Medusa, Oil

Shelly Salter

Fine Artist & Musician

Tel.: 239-218-0477

Fine Art:

Allegorical Art,Illustration,Portraiture,

Pet Portraits, Mythology, Landscapes, Seascapes and Still Life.

Gordon's Girls, Oil



Love Hunter Band

Vocals, percussion and illustration for the band.

United States - Melodic Rock

Shelly with her Love Hunter Band Album Cover

Kelvin and Shelly, Love Hunter Band

.............Performing every Monday night 6-9 PM at Fitzgerald's Pub 9070 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Beach 239-949-2111  and various other places.

Please check the website tour page for list of performances.


Tel.: 239-218-0477

Shelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications/Art from the University of Miami, Florida where she was a performing member of the Hurricane Singers.

  • President and CEO of
  • WKKD-FM Aurora, Illinois

Independent Coursework

  • Technique mixte Painting with Master Artist Patrick Betaudier (France)
  • Ala Prima Painting Faces and Figures (Romel De La Torre)
  • Faces and Figures with John N. Booth (Chicago,IL)

2000 – 2010

  • Learned Renaissance techniques of painting and worked on mosaic murals for the city of Joliet.
    Met some terrific people

She gives also classes and teaches adults and children.

Commissions include:

  • Portraiture for the Bonita Springs Historical Society; Ken Norton, Former Heavyweight Champion of the World; The Yorkville Public Library; and Northern Illinois Painters and Drywaller’s Union.

Since childhood, Shelly has been fascinated by people’s faces and their stories. She loved the illustrations in her children’s books and found them to be just as compelling as the stories. Garth Williams and Norman Rockwell were early influences.

Storytelling is at the heart of her work, compelling her to bring the past back to life. “Every face has a story to tell. I love to draw interesting people and tell their story.”

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, the artist now lives in Florida where she enjoys painting, writing and performing with the band Love Hunter.

Indian Girl, Drawing


'Artist of the Month -February 2014- -Robert Pavon'

Title, Medium


Short Bio



FGCU Prof. Carl Schwartz


Robert Pavone Family

Robert Pavon

Tel.: 239-313-1755

Ex US Marine Soldier with

13+ years service

Soak, cold and freezing

Robert and his Dog Athena


Robert Pavon was born in Havana Cuba, on 1975. Like many artist Robert spent his childhood and early adulthood drawing anything he saw. At eighteen he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served thirteen years in the infantry and his service has had an influence on his art.

His art is als influenced by the classical art of realism with a focus on portraiture, figure, and still life.Deciding on formal training he started school at Edison College and was awarded a scholarship for his work and won an award at the college 2012 art competition. Robert has also exhibited at the Bob Rauschenberg art gallery. After receiving his Associates in arts, he is currently studying at Florida Gulf Coast University and will graduate with a Bachelor in art in spring 2014.

Robert has also been the recipient to many awards including the Florida Gulf Coast University art award in 2013. If you would like to reach the artist for commissions he can be emailed at and he invites you to visit his website at or call him personally.

Hi Renate, here are some pictures of me from the time I served in the marines. Me and Athena my bulldog was taken the day I left to Iraq (January 2003). Soken wet was in north Carolina before we shipped out and were getting our gear. The last image is of me and a friend in the desert after an attack. I served 13 years in the marine corps and I loved every moment of it. My service to this country was my way of paying back for the freedom I have. I was born in Cuba where freedom is very limited. After I was severely wounded in combat I was retired from the marines in 2006. I spent the last 3 years of my service in physical rehab from the gunshot I  suffered. I miss the marine corps and the lifestyle but I move on and now I continue to improve myself through my art.

I hope to continue to learn the techniques of the old masters and learn from the new masters as much as possible.


Note: See Robert's paintings in our Portrait and Figure Org. exhibit at the beautiful Cape Coral Library on Mohawk during March 2014.



'Artist of the Month -January 2014- Wanda Carter'

Title, Medium


Short Bio



'Girl Writing '


Ingroove Band : Wanda - first row third from left

Only Woman Member

Church Minister




Wanda is a native of Michigan, but has lived in Port Charlotte since 1992.

Wanda was a music major in college and switched to early childhood education as a junior. The first art class she took was a portrait class in 1967.

She began painting in oil, but switched to pastels in 1978 after a 10 year hiatus.

She took her first workshop in 1981 with Daniel Greene in Gloucester, Mass.

Subsequently, she studied with Michael Del Priore, Paul Leveille, Harley Brown  and won a scholarship from the Pastel Society of America to study landscape painting, in Santa Fe with Albert Handel. 

She started the live model group at the Visual Art Center in 1993. She prefers to work from life, rather than photographs and this creates a perfect opportunity for local portrait artists.

She has taught classes in landscape painting, still life and portraiture at Englewood Art Center, Northport Art Center and the VAC.

She has won numerous awards, and her work is in collections throughout the United States.

She has been accepted into four National Art Shows both in Michigan and Florida.

Her art is currently on display at Creations Gallery at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda.

Wanda is a member of the Charlotte County Art Guild, Arts and Humanities, and the Arts Alliance of Lemon Bay.


Note: See Wanda's paintings in our Portrait and Figure Org. exhibit at the beautiful Cape Coral Library on Mohawk during all

March 2014.


'Artist of the Month -December 2013' - Dorothy Salcedo

Chippewa Chief Buffalo, Oil

Dorothy's great-great-great grandfather (in Wisconsin Nat'l. Museum)

Chippewa Family , Oil

Dorothy's  &  Robert's Tribe

Robert Buffalo, Oil

 Chippewa, great-great - great grandson

of Chippewa Chief Buffalo


See website:

email: t/b/a


Please note:

Due to the glossy finish of some paintings it was hard to photograph them; therefore, they do NOT show the colors they were painted (*)

Dorothy Salcedo

specializes in portraits, figures, Renaissance Masterpieces, Native American Indians, Designer of ballroom gown, etc.

Dorothy  with Grandson & Husband , photo

Manfred Hunter, Oil

Original Portrait


Old Man, Oil

Oiriginal Portrait


St. Peter, Oil,

original painting  (not a copy)

after Old Master


 Bio (239-826-7708)

Dorothy (Dore) specializes in original portraiture and original reproductions of Rennaissance Masterpieces. She studied at the Louve in Paris,

El Prado in Madrid and Florence, Italy.

Chief Buffalo was her great-great-great grandfather.

Dorothy Salcedo, known to many as the former owner and lead designer of Dore' Designs, one of the nation's top custom ballroom gown company, is now devoting her artistic talents on canvas.  She has had the opportunity to study under the direction of several prominent instructors. 

Dorothy's replications of famous Renaissance paintings parallel their original masterpieces.

She achieved much of her success during her time spent painting and learning in world-famous art museums, such as the Louvre in Paris, France and El Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.  

The Historical Society of the State of Wisconsin proudly displays Dorothy's portrait of her eminent ancestor, Chief Buffalo, as part of its permanent collection in the museum on Madeline Island.  

Her extensive understanding and ability of the medium has enabled her to complete commissioned portraits.  Dorothy's passion for painting Native American art, portraits, landscapes, animals and still-life is visible through her work exhibited on this site.

After Harvest , Oil,

original painting 

after Old Master (*)

Artist of the Month -November 2013

Title, Medium

Artist's Name

Short Bio

 "Anishinaabe Pride " - Colored Pencil on Mellotex

( Work in Progress )


Justin Dancing Hawk

'Roped into Break Time' - Horse

'Cold Reality,' White Snow Leopard,

Colored Pencil (Only) on w/colored pencil enhanced, on watercolor background.


Please note:

Some paintings may not depict the nice colors s they were painted (*).

Justin Dancing Hawk

Tel.: 941-743-2157

Owner- Stonefeather Fine Art Studio

2101 Mittelstadt Ln.

Eau Claire, WI, USA 54703

(715) 530 - 3610

Justin with his Native American Flute

The Lakota word for the Flute is "Siyo Tanka" ( Shee - yo  Tahn-kah )

'Chemisa Repose', Cougar, Pastel (Only)

'Big Falls Denizen, Cougar, Pastel (Only)


Founder - “Go APE for Art” Facebook Group of , for & by  Artists donating Primate themed Art to benefit the Orangutan Protection Foundation

Wildlife/Animal/Portrait & Figurative Artist working in Pastel, Colored Pencil & a variety of other media, including Stone Sculpture

Teacher / Private instructor in Pastel & Colored Pencil

Maker/ Player Native Am. Flutes- one of my flutes is in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

Exhibitions- “Story of the Creatives” NYC,NY -Aug.- Sept.,2013;“Creatives '

Oct. , 2013 “Wind Beneath My Wings” touring Solo Exhibition - May, 2013 - Present


University of South Dakota , College of Fine Art - Vermillion, SD, USA

University of Indiana  @ South Bend, IN, USA - where I studied Sculpture under

Tuck Langland

Workshop - Albert Handell @ Redmond , Oregon , USA in Oct., 2005

Workshop - Terry Isaac , Wildlife Art @ Dillman's Sand Lake Lodge in Lac du Flambeau, WI, USA in Aug., 2006


Contact the artist.

Justin paints any subject you want with the best materials.

He is an advocate for wildlife preservation.

Most of his paintings are for sale and he takes commissions.


Artist of the Month -October 2013 - Barbara Burk


Title, Medium

Artist's Name


Short Bio




Barbara Burk

Specialties in Pastel and Oil in Portrait and Figures. Travels to Commissions


BARBARA BURK has bee painting portraits in oil and pastel for over 40 years. Born and raised in New Orleans

She has a B.A. from Newcomb College, N.O.

She is accomplished in both oil and pastel.

Burk is a full signature member of the Pastel Society of America.

She was past-President of the Degas Pastel Society and a founding member of the Portrait Society of America.

Her portraits have been featured in several publications and have won numerous awards.
Barbara’s paintings have been accepted in many national competitions .

Her portraits have won many awards throughout the years, including an Award of Exceptional Merit (1st place) in the Degas Pastel Society’s Members Show

She won an Award of Special Merit in their 1996 Juried National Exhibition.

She was a finalist in“The American Artist Magazine’s” National Portrait Competition in 1989.

Barbara has recently moved to Plantation, FL


by PFPS Artists who also do still life, portraits, figures, landscapes, seascapes

of various medium, etc.

all are copyrighted

Title, Medium

Title, Medium

Artist's Name

'Summerfriends' by Tracy Cullimore, Watercolor

Drummer Boy by Tracy Cullimore, Oil

  Tracy Cullimore

Mrs. Barbara B Mann holding her painting done by Tracy Cullimore

for her 100 year birthday. Oil

          Siblings, oil, 24"x30" by                Tracy Cullimore

Gale Bennett

Well-known and popular Florida born 

    artist from Ft. Myers - 

    by Tracy Cullimore

Oriental Samovar

with Tea and Lemon

Original by R M Reuter

Billy Bow Leg -

Seminole Head Chief

Original by Renate M Reuter , Oil

Seminole Youth James,

Everglades, FL

Original by Renate M Reuter, Oil

Lady in Red 

after Old Master  by RM Reuter

Three Oriental Riders

after Old Master

by RM Reuter

Artist: Renate M Reuter (Nadi)

after Old Masters

Oil, Fruits and Flowers by R. Reuter after Old Masters

Oil, Flowers by R. Reuter after Old Masters

Artist: Renate M Reuter (Nadi)

after Old Masters



  • By invitation - will have private showing in her new studio


Announcing Portrait and Figure Fine Art Teacher

for the Year 2012-2013

186,000 Miles

per second - Speed of Light

Ted de Clercq

is a very knowledgeable devoted/dedicated artist and teacher

Ted's has over 25 years teaching experience in various types of subjects to artists and visitors from all over the world. He specializes in portraiture and figures - drawing and painting - especially Old Masters. He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and talented in teaching, creating, and preserving/restoring original art .

Ted also -

  • Draws and Paints indoor and outdoors.
  • Teaches at various art organizations and in his own studio in Naples
  • Exhibits and Sells his art
  • Takes Commissions of people, animals and nature
  • Takes art groups to international places including museums.
  • Holds workshops  (see recommended classes)
  • Recruits, trains, guides real life models.


Artist of the Month -April 2013 - Lacie Oakey





Specializes in painting and drawing portraits and figures in various mediums

- realism and abstract -

Specializes in photography and teaching especially high schools and adult education




Oil, 'The Pink Blanket'

Oil, Sisters in Suds

I 'Became a member of the Portrait Society a couple of years ago when I moved to Naples. I majored in fine art in college and got my BFA from Brigham Young University-Idaho. The figure is my favorite subject matter.

Lacie graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2007, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in drawing and painting. Lacie currently lives in Naples, FL where she splits her time as a photographer, an art teacher, and an artist of a variety of mediums. She does portrait commissions for oil, charcoal, and photography.

She teaches an adult ed beginning oil painting class Tuesday nights and an adult ed contemporary abstract acrylic class on Monday nights Adult education classes held at Barron Collier High School. 

Artist of the Month - February 2013 -Susan Lindsey


Medium Oil


Summer, Oil

Alaska Summer, Oil

Susan Lindsey

specializes in portraits, figures, flowers, etc.

  • Combining creative design, unusual perspective and interesting patterns of light,
  • Susan Lindsey's oils encompass a wide variety of subject matter including figures, still life and plein air landscapes.
  • She has lived and painted in Alaska for twenty five years where she is represented by Artique Ltd.
  • Among her accomplishments are acceptance into many national juried shows, including OPA National and Western Regional Exhibits, NOAPS Best of America (awards) and American Women Artists Juried Invitational.
  • Susan's painting "Parrot Tulips" was the Grand Prize Winner, Challenge #32 , International Artist Magazine and "Pansy Study" was published in Artist's Magazine.
  • Portrait and figure commissions (especially children) are accepted as well as still life and floral commissions.
  • Susan is part of the local art community.

Artist of the Month -January 2013




Lee Sheriff Mike Scott

By Marianne Keefe

Marianne Poole Keefe

specializes in portraits, pets, and landscapes

Marianne is a certified instructor and has been teaching for many years. She is a fine artist and paints mainly in oils and acrylic, pastels and watercolor.She lives in New York in the mountains and SW Florida's Beach area for many years.  

  • She paints commissions in portraits, animals, landscapes, etc. and special requests.
  • Travels internationally to  interesting places.
  • She loves her family that means everything to her.
  • She has been a past president of the Art League of Fort Myers, and a Vice President of our Portrait and Figure Org.


Artist of the Month -December 2012




Martha Dodd

Drawings and Paintings Portraits of People, Horses and Dogs & specializes in-and outdoor Murals & Special Orders


Fulltime artist Martha is a largely self-taught Fort Myers artist from Ohio. She has a bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University. She paints Portraits in a way that a camera really can’t catch.

She enjoys horseback riding, and trains and competes in dressage. She also enjoys ballroom dancing, sailing, traveling, and enjoying the company of her friends.  See Martha's website: .  

  • She does decorative art for the home or commercial spaces, including faux finishing and very large ambitious projects.
  • Expert in Murals and Portraits
  • Expert in Horse Paintings
  • Takes Commissions for Murals, People, Animals, and special orders
  • Assists people to make the right choice

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To promote, stimulate and foster creative fine art painting in various
Media and styles. To encourage and promote fine portrait and figure
artists, teachers, talented and deserving students, our communities - national and international,
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